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Flood Damage

Flooding can bea a devastating event, both financially and emotionally. Flood damage is not easy to deal with, costing on average a thousand dollars in repairs.

Property owners also have to face the burden that comes with flooding, like the damage to flooring materials, walls, electrical, plumbing, drywall, HVAC, and others. A public adjuster can help you better indentify other potential issues, like structural damage from surge or wave action.

Personal property is oftentimes destroyed after a flood, including clothes, furniture, electronics, and food spoilage.

A public adjuster is critical in the first stages of a flood damage claim. This person is skilled in assessing damage, reviewing insurance policies, negotiating with insurance companies and maximizing claims.

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What to do in the event of Flood Damage

Return to the property only after the authorities have advised you to do so. If the main power swich was not turned off, wait until an electrician examines the area. Avoid using any appliances, heating, pressure, or sewage systems until electrical components have been adequately dried and cleaned. Make sure the building is structurally safe, store all valuable damaged papers inside the freezer, and record evidence of flood damage.

Cleanup after a flood can be complex and might require professional equipment to drain in stages. Call us for a free inspection at (+1) 305 686-5623. We can help you file your flood claim and get the maximum payout you deserve.

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