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Mold Damage

Is your property home to mold? Mold growth tends to be catastrophic and can happen almost anywhere. It is also among the most expensive types of damage to remediate.

Whe water intrusion is left unattended and is not properly taken care of, it most commonly leads to mold contamination.

In order to get rid of it for good, clean-up, removal, and remediation techniques must be performed by a professional. Wood beams, carpets, clothing, furniture, roofs, and even electronics are potential places where it can thrive.

Mold should be taken very seriously and with extreme caution because it can pose a significant risk, causing severe illness and health issues. It also spreads at an outstanding pace, taking less than 72 hours to spread throughout an entire structure.

Black mold is among the biggest perils anyone can face, causing allergies, bronchitis, asthma, skin rashes, headaches, and other serious respiratory problems.

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Common signs of Mold Damage.

Damp musty odor, any discolored spots, fuzz or spores on your furniture, allergy and asthma flare-ups, warped wallpaper or bubbling paint, persistent coughing and recurring colds, tarnished tiles, and black fuzzy spots on the A/C filter.

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What to do after discovering Mold Damage

Having plan of action is the best thing you can possibly do after discovering mold. It will help you minimize the scope of damage and lessen its impact on your health and that of others. Call Claim Partner immediately and have a public adjuster examine the area. The public adjuster will use advanced equipment to determine the source of damage, assess any signs of damage and attempt to find any damage that is not visible to the eye.

As part of our claim process, Claim Partner will help you get in touch with a restoration company for the proper removal and cleanup process.

Avoid touching the affected area; turn off the HVAC system or any other air-moving equipment; restrict access to the affected area; try to identify the source of the water; and avoid spreading bleach or other disinfectants.

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What to do after Mold Damage

The first to do after mold damage is to keep everyone safe from harm. Ensure it is safe to return inside. Take pictures of the damage and keep an inventory of destroyed items. Have your insurance policy ready as soon as the public adjuster comes in. Take preventive measures in order to avoid further damage, like turning off the power at the main breaker if it still on. Use a flashlight instead of candles and follow precautions for reentering the property during the aftermath of a mold or sotrm.

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