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Roof Leaks

Roof are a vital part of any structure. A small leak can escalate pretty quickly, turning into a big issue that calls for immediate action. A leaky roof has the potential to cause great damage, harming the overall structure of your entire property, starting from the roof and working its way down to its very foundation.

A Damaged roof can be the consequence of time, weather conditions, or other events. The attic is the first place where water usually enters, damaging any belongings and staining and darketing the ceiling. Water can also damage the insulation of your roof, causing it to clump and preventing it from keeping cool or warm.

Note: If you find a leak in the attic and it contains wiring, you must call a professional electrician right away. There is a potential risk of fire.

A leaky roof might also lead ot mildew and mold, which can spread really quickly and cause severe respiratory illness. 

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Common signs you have a Roof Leak

Signs of roof damage are missing shingles, wet roof decking, damaged flashing and/or boot cover. Water ouddles can also pose a slippery hazard and indicate the existence of a leak.

One you begin to notice cracks or a sagging ceiling, it is very likely there is roof damage and you might need to call in for a roof leak repair.

What to do after discovering a Leak

The first thing to do in order to prevent further damage is to call a professional. At Claim Partner, we can help you file you claim and obtain the payout you deservel Plus, we’ll have a roof restoration company come in to repair your roof in no time.

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What to do after Roof Leaks

The first to do after a roof leak is to keep everyone safe from harm. Ensure it is safe to return inside. Take pictures of the damage and keep an inventory of destroyed items. Have your insurance policy ready as soon as the public adjuster comes in. Take preventive measures in order to avoid further damage, like turning off the power at the main breaker if it still on. Use a flashlight instead of candles and follow precautions for reentering the property during the aftermath of a roof leaks or storm.

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