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Hurricane Damage

A tropical storm or hurricane can have a catastrophic impact on your home or business. We understand the challenges that you, as a property owner, might have to face after this devastating event.

Hurricane damage claims can be complex and stressful for any property owner to have to deal with. Power outages, fallen trees, street debris, blown roof shingles, and water intrusion should be managed immediately in order to avoid further consequences.

It is to call in a public adjuster immediately after a hurricane. A public adjuster can help you address all the issues accordingly and find the best solution as efficiently as possible. From beginning to end, we will with you.

At Claim Partner, we have solid experience navigating the hurricane damage claim process as well as supporting hundred of homeowners and business owners facing the financial consequences and psychological pressure. We are here to help!

"From beginning to end, we will work with you"

What to do after Hurricane Damage

The first to do after hurricane damage is to keep everyone safe from harm. Ensure it is safe to return inside. Take pictures of the damage and keep an inventory of destroyed items. Have your insurance policy ready as soon as the public adjuster comes in. Take preventive measures in order to avoid further damage, like turning off the power at the main breaker if it still on. Use a flashlight instead of candles and follow precautions for reentering the property during the aftermath of a hurricane or sotrm.

Got Hurricane Damage? We’ll help you file your claim Now.

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