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Water Damage

Has your property suffered from water damage? Water damage is the most frequent type of loss striking properties around the globe due to flooding, leaks, damaged roofs and pipe issues.

No matter how big or small tge affected area is, Claim Partner is here to help you maximize your claim! Frozen pipe leaks, broken pipes, sewage backups, leaks from appliances, and roof leaks due to heavy rainfall area all among the basic water losses covered by insurance policies.

Although sometimes water damage might appear harmless to the eyes of the property owner, it is highly critical tha damage is dealt with in its first 24 hours. Removal and drying out should be performed on the affected area, as well as the removal of wet carpets and baseboards.

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Common signs of Water Damage

Depending on the area and type of material affected, sometimes water damage can go unnoticed for weeks or, on the contrary, right away. Discoloration of the walls and/or ceiling, cracking, bubbling, or flaking paint or drywall, pooling water or puddies, sounds of running water, an increase in utility bills, and a damp or earthy odor are common signs to look for.

What to do after discovering Water Damage

The first thing you must do after discovering potential water damage inside your property is to take photos as evidence, call in a public adjuster to file a claim and contact your insurance provider immediately. Pull out any records of repairs you have made on your property in the last few years.

What to do after Water Damage

The first to do after Water damage is to keep everyone safe from harm. Ensure it is safe to return inside. Take pictures of the damage and keep an inventory of destroyed items. Have your insurance policy ready as soon as the public adjuster comes in. Take preventive measures in order to avoid further damage, like turning off the power at the main breaker if it still on. Use a flashlight instead of candles and follow precautions for reentering the property during the aftermath of a water or sotrm.

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